Continuing to reach out today, at this very moment, to grow and understand who I am beyond the joy of being a parent, a child, a therapist and a lover of all animals, I first discovered Christian Science while in college in Burlington Vermont. I always believed myself to be an optimist, to see the good in those around me and to try and prove to myself that good really did win over evil. Christian Science simply intrigued me, offered me an awfully lot to think about and a religious structure which encouraged my belief in God and goodness without doctrine or rituals. Although I did not grow up in a family practicing Christian Science, I learned, while in college, that my grandfather had become a Christian Science practitioner after a full healing of a severe medical condition. The knowledge of that healing left me with a willingness to explore further and a hope that perhaps I could begin to trust what Christian Science was teaching me.
     I know, like you know, that what appear as daily challenges, fears and anxieties about the future, about relationships and about our health seem to have no rational explanation and at times rob us of living joyful, healthy and secure lives. What I have learned is that each of these challenges provides opportunity to prove, in daily practical ways, who we are and how we are protected by God, as the image and reflection of his Love.  
     Healing touches our lives in many ways, every day, and prayer is an activity uniquely embraced in many different forms of striving, wishing, thinking and sometimes pleading. Each of us can use prayer to learn the Truth of who God, and we as his image, are; no experience needed (as I learned when I first started to apply this Truth to any frightening or discordant situation) Practical answers which resolve any lack, whether presented as a lack of love, money or health, become clear and gratifying answers when divine laws are understood and applied.  
     Grateful and so filled with joy at learning a bit more each day about my relationship with God, an overwhelming desire to serve God's purpose in reaching out to others. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my experiences, healings and knowledge of Christian Science with you.
Sue Solomon, C.S.
Email:                            Phone: 516-582-6913